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Probiotic & Prebiotic Enhanced

Probiotic & Prebiotic Enhanced


Probiotic & Prebiotic – Advanced Digestive Gut Health & Enzyme Support - Boost your Immune System & Reduce Hyper Acidity - Ultimate Prebiotic (Patented) with Time Release Capsule


Manufactured Date: November 2021

Expiration: November 2023

  • ✔︎PREBIOTIC PROBIOTIC COMBINATION - The combination of prebiotics and probiotics is called microbiome therapy. Each is essential in playing different, crucial roles in your digestive health. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria, while prebiotics are food for these good bacterias. This combination amplifies digestive health benefits

    ✔︎SUPPORTS HEALTHY DIGESTION - Balanced amounts of both pre- and probiotics can help to ensure you have the right amount of healthy bacteria to support regularity and healthy digestion. Providing the well-rounded support to rebalance your digestive tract and give you the healthy digestion you've been searching for

    ✔︎HELPS BOOST OTHER BODY SYSTEMS - Gut bacteria can support improved production and regulation of hormones, such as leptin and insulin.* Your gut, or “second brain,” can affect your mental health, affecting the production of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA

    ✔︎SUPPORTS HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM - Probiotics boost your immune system and help ward off various harmful bacteria, such as viruses, fungi, and too much yeast production

    ✔︎REDUCES BLOATING & HYPER ACID - Specially formulated LX Nutrition PRE + PRO Supplement helps support regularity help to minimize gas and bloating along with Hyper Acidity or Acid Reflux

    ✔︎MADE IN USA - manufactured in an FDA-approved facility following strict GMP guidelines. Our Probiotic & Prebiotic is third Party Tested to assure the highest quality and purity of each batch.

₱2,200.00 Regular Price
₱969.00Sale Price
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