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Ginkgo Biloba Max

Ginkgo Biloba Max


Ginkgo Biloba - Supports Brain Health, Mental Alertness, Concentration and Focus | Natural Energy Booster

  • ✔︎Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) is a natural herbal adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress

    ✔︎Ginkgo promotes enhanced memory and concentration, mood, libido and sexual health

    ✔︎Ginkgo contains flavonol and flavone glycosides that can boost blood flow and combat anxiety and depression.

    ✔︎There have been studies that have shown that those who have a deficit in attention skills focus better using Ginkgo biloba

    ✔︎MADE IN USA - THIRD PARTY TESTED FOR PREMIUM QUALITY & SAFETY STANDARDS: Your safety is our #1 priority. That’s why each and every batch of our colon cleanse are formulated by experts in the USA, GMP Certified, independently tested and third party tested for highest standards of quality and safety assurance.

₱1,900.00 Regular Price
₱879.00Sale Price
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